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Staffing Services
Irrespective of whether you are a small boutique sized company or a large international conglomerate, Ezeesoft Technologies offers a range of Recruitment Services to make your recruitment operations more efficient. We bring to you an exclusive blend of services and technology to meet the challenges of today recruiting demands. You will find our services helpful – not only will you reduce hiring time, but also reduce the recruitment costs up to 75%.
Outsource non core functions
In many organizations, recruiters spend a majority of their time sorting through resumes, finding candidates from job boards, contacting them, understanding their interests, etc. In doing so, almost 75% of their time is spent in these areas. So, to save time and effort, outsourcing non core functions is advantageous and helps in increasing productivity levels.
Recruiting support services
Our recruitment support service offers resume searching on leading job boards, short listing potential candidate’s resumes, communication with them via phone and e-mail and routing the right contenders to your executive or technical recruiters. With this, technical and executive recruiters can fully focus on their core functions – networking, building relationships, and hiring more candidates.
Services offered from EzeeSoft Technologies
EzeeSoft Technologies brings to you a spectrum of services which comprises of Job Posting, Research Candidates on Job Boards, Research Passive Candidates on the internet, Resume Screening from your inbox or internal database (ATS), Name Generation, Lead Generation, Customized Research, Information Management, and Web Services. Our recruiter/researchers work with you in your local time zone. Ultimately, we only forward you resumes of qualified candidates who have shown interest in the target positions. You can double-screen for your satisfaction, or just forward the resumes to your clients.
Candidate Screening and Response Management
In response to job advertisements, recruiters often receive a huge number of resumes to work on. According to industry statistics, a whopping 90% of all Resumes received are unsuitable for the advertised vacancy. This costs the recruiters a lot of time which could have been otherwise utilized well in core recruitment or client handling activities.

But if you outsource your resume screening to us, our specialist researcher with definite sector experience will read each resume to assess relevance to the job specification, saving you precious time and endowing your company its precise requirements. We organize candidate's resumes in relation to key criteria and rank them in order of merit through online application forms, questionnaires and tests. Furthermore, we phone screen the candidates and only present pre - screened and available candidates to our clients (full life Cycle recruiting)

Experienced Internet Researchers/Sourcers
Internet Researchers at EzeeSoft Technologies are all skilled, Internet savvy, experienced and qualified graduates with outstanding computer skills. They are aware of popular software packages, databases, spreadsheets; use advanced internet search techniques, x-raying, flipping, peel back, boolean search and can compile data in spreadsheet or database. Most importantly, they have exposure on many vendor job boards and databases viz Monster, Dice, CareerBuilder, HotJobs, Computerjobs, search engines, search tools, user clubs, forums, alumni, associations, directories, conferences/seminars, blogs, networking sites and related industry information available on the internet.
Active and passive candidates
Searching for passive candidates on the Internet can be time consuming and there is no guarantee candidates with the required skills will be available there. However, our accomplished Internet researchers are well versed in researching for active and passive candidates both! We make the best efforts to identify passive candidates' names, contact number or their resumes, if available. Many of the executive and technical recruiters prefer passive candidates sourcing as they feel that the best candidates don't post resumes on job boards. Additionally, they are not approached as much as the candidates on job boards, hence it's difficult to lose them and a rare situation that your client says We have the candidate's resume from another recruiting firm.
Domain expertise
Our researchers/ recruiters have enough experience in a number of domains. We have provided recruiting support services in Information Technology (IT) and are confident to handle various other domains as well.
Other Services
Besides a host of recruitment services, we also perform other functions like Data Entry, Data Conversion, Data Processing, Image Processing, Document Scanning, etc. We can do this work directly with an end client or in partnership with you, who may be serving as the vendor to a direct client, and may want to get the work done from us.

The following is the detailed list of services that we offer. Though, we can also arrange to do jobs that are not listed, hence feel free to approach us to enquire about the possibilities.

Job Posting
Candidate Generation
Passive Candidates
Resume Screening
Candidate Screening
Resume Processing
Name Generation
Lead Generation
Customized Research
Information Management
Web Services
Vacancy Monitoring
Corporate Intelligence
Data Entry
Data Conversion
Data Processing
Forms Processing
Document Scanning
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