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How does it work?
Its simple – during the contract period, the assigned Ezeesoft Technologies recruiter works full-time only on your requirements and uses our resources – computer, phone, internet and job-board logins. Our recruiter takes requirements from you, properly formats it for online job posting, does Boolean searches for active candidates on job boards, searches for passive candidates as well, contacts candidates by phone or email and receives resumes. If you follow a certain style of formatting your candidates’ resumes then our Recruiter will also properly format the resumes in the prescribed fashion and send all these qualified resumes to you. We use our own seats and logins for candidate search on and At your instructions, our Recruiter will also do other work like Lead Generation, Vacancy Monitoring, Data Entry, Data Conversion, Data Processing, and Forms Processing.
How do you bill?
When you sign up for a contract, we assign you a recruiter who works full time for you. You can have him work on your requirements including posting online advertisements, searching resumes, contacting potential candidates via phone and email, formatting resumes etc, or you can have him work on any other work that the recruiter is capable of - example data entry, database cleanup, candidate marketing, vacancy monitoring etc. In the normal course, you will be invoiced for 45 hours per week. Our recruiters work 10 hours a day. After excluding the lunch and tea breaks, it comes to 9 hours of work every day. They work 5 days a week. That's a total of 45 hours every week. If you want the recruiter to work extra hours on weekdays, or come in and work on weekends, that can be done. For extra hours, you are charged at the normal rate on hourly basis.
How do I know the number of hours worked on my req?
When you sign up for a contract, we assign you a recruiter who works full time for you. This person is dedicated for your work and he/she does not do any other work for anyone else. We offer full-time as well as part-time contracts. When you sign-up for a contract, either full-time or part-time, we assume that you will have enough work to keep the recruiter busy for the contract period. Hence you are only charged as per the contract, nothing less or nothing more. The only time you will be charged more than the normal 45 hours per work week is when you make a special request to have the recruiter work extended hours or on the weekends.
What about confidentiality and non-compete?
For the trial, we execute a confidentiality agreement with standard terms. For paid contracts, we execute a confidentiality and non-compete agreement with standard terms. You can ask us to send you out these documents for reviewing before hand.
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